Best Racing Inflatable Paddle Boards For Sale 2022 - Goosehill SUP

Goosehill Sailor Racing Inflatable Paddle Boards

Racing inflatable paddle boards are usually 12’6 or 14’ long as these are race standards. If you want to get your heart rate up and move quickly through the water, Goosehill race sup boards will suit you well.

We offer 4 different sizes to suit the needs of different paddlers and the standards of different races. For $1499, it’s hard to find another board for racing that comes close to Sailor Racing.

The Fastest SUP Race boards

Goosehill Racing paddle boards are designed for speed with comfort and stability being pushed aside for performance. They are similar in shape to a touring board but narrower and with a pointed nose to reduce drag and increase glide across the water’s surface.

To help our paddlers to achieve higher performance, we’ve included some of the best paddle board accessories you can find in this price range in the package. You will find a 3-piece adjustable 100% carbon-fiber paddle, a backpack with wheels, a paddle board electric pump, a leash, a 10-inch center fin, and a repair kit.

The Best Racing Paddle Boards of 2022

1. As the world's leading inflatable SUP brand, we've combined our knowledge, expertise and experience to create a racing paddle board that stands out in terms of speed, reliability and performance. This means that a goosehill racing paddle board will give you a competitive edge over any other inflatable race SUPs on the water.

2. A long and narrow shape makes our racing paddle boards lightning quick through the water, whilst making them easy to maneuvere, control, glide and ride. Additional features including a Rocker Stiffening System and Forward Flex Control System further enhance the board's speed and performance in racing conditions.


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