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Youth Paddle Board

As the name suggests, a kids paddle board is made specifically for little kids to have fun on the water.

It's typically shorter, and narrower than an all-round board so that kids can maneuver the board more easily. But it’s still wide enough to offer enough stability for kids to maintain their balance.

The Best Stand Up Paddle Board For Kids

We’ve done a lot of research and experiment and finally came up with the perfect board size for most kids. This inflatable paddle board for kids is 7’10 long, 28’’ wide, and 4’7 thick, which will suit most kids under age of 10 well. Optional Color: Blue and green.

Check out our post for kids paddle boards reviews, learn more about how to choose the right one for you kids.

Kids SUP Attachment

  • Kids sup paddle.
  • Double-action pump.
  • Backpack.
  • SUP leash.
  • 9-inch center fin.
  • Repair kit.

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