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Best Touring Inflatable Paddle Board

  • Touring paddle board are suited for all skill levels that want the fastest glide to paddle distances quickly with comfortable stability and the option to carry gear along the journey
  • They can also be considered as a step-up from the all-around models for intermediate and expert paddlers to cover long distances in the water.
  • Touring boards are optimized for flatwater, and open ocean paddling.
  • Touring board sizes vary from 11’’-14’’ in length and 28’’-34’’ in width. The longer and narrower a board is, the more efficient it will be slicing through the water but at the sacrifice of stability.
  • Goosehill Sailor Touring has two size options, both have been optimized to give you the best performance on the water. We offer two popular color options: blue and green.
  • Touring inflatable paddle boards are priced in the $800 price range. At this price range, we use top-of-the-class materials to give you the best performance and paddling experience in this class.
  • The touring boards also comes standard with high-end accessories - One 3-piece 100% carbon-fiber paddle, an electric pump, a backpack, a 10-inch center fin, a leash, and a repair kit.

Touring Paddle Board VS All-around

(1) All-around SUP

  • The All Around paddle board shape has a round nose, known as a planing hull, and is designed for cruising lakes, rivers and SUP surfing.
  • The All Around shape has a little rocker, meaning the paddle board’s nose is raised slightly out of the water. This will push water down, while lifting the nose up. This makes the All Around the perfect board to help you handle any waves or chop that come your way.
  • This board shape is wider than the touring which makes it easier to balance and maneuver. This is one reason the All Around shape is a great option for beginner paddle boarders. However, because of the wider, bulkier hull at the front of the board and the overall size of All Around boards, they aren’t the best choice for speed or long distance paddling.

(2) Touring SUP

  • The Touring stand-up paddle board shape will generally have a pointed nose, like a kayak, and is designed for longer, more fast-paced flat-water paddles.
  • The pointed nose is known as a displacement hull. It will will provide you with a higher efficiency and performance. In other words, you can track straighter (more strokes before changing sides) and quicker (fewer strokes to achieve a smooth glide) across the water. Touring boards are best for speed, SUP racing and covering long distances.
  • That said, the added performance comes at a cost. Touring boards are much more difficult to balance on. In turn they are it less maneuverable and stable for someone who isn’t a serious paddler. For this reason, the Touring shaped boards are not the most ideal paddle board for beginners. They can also be challenging in rougher water.

If you are an intermediate of stand up paddle boarding, It's essential to know how to choose a touring paddle board before your purchase.


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