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The Best Ultra-Light Stand Up Paddle Boards

1. The Sailor Racing Ultra-light is designed for speed as well as portability. If you are into paddle racing, you might travel a lot to participate in different races held in different places.

So a race board that can be easily carried and transported can make things a lot easier for paddlers. And that’s why we decided to make an ultra-light version of our high-performance race board.

2. It uses lighter material to reduce the overall weight of the board to make it easier for paddlers to carry it around.

The Sizes For Ultra-light Stand Up Paddle Boards

We provide 4 different size options, which are all standard sizes for SUP races.

  • 12'6"X26"X6"
  • 12'6"X28"X6"
  • 14'X26"X6"
  • 14'X28"X6"

What Paddle Board Accessories Are Included

In order to help our paddlers to achieve higher performance, we’ve included some of the best sup accessories you can find in this price range in the package. You will find a 3-piece adjustable 100% carbon-fiber paddle, a backpack with wheels, an electric pump, a SUP leash, a 10-inch center fin, and a repair kit.


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