Delivery Information

When calculating your total shipping time, please keep in mind that the day the package is shipped or picked up from our warehouse is not considered the first business day; start counting business days from the first full day that the package is “in transit” to you.

We're unable to delay shipping on our orders. If you absolutely cannot have a package arrive so soon, please contact us at help and we'll help you figure out the best date for you to place your order and have it arrive on or near the date you need.

We now have a new warehouse in the USA so orders from the United States will be delivered much faster.

We primarily use USPS (US Postal Service) and UPS (United Parcel Service). Orders shipping outside of the US are typically shipped via DHL Express, though in some cases a local carrier, such as Canada Post, will make the final delivery.


Shipping Delivery Estimates (from the time your order is placed):

America 3-5 business days

Canada 5-10 business days

Mexico 5-10 business days

Europe 5-10 business days

Asia-Pacific 7-12 business days

South Asia-Australia 7-10 business days

Africa and Middle East 5-8 business days


A few tips:

We are unable to send specific delivery information, such as "leave on the back porch" or "please deliver after 4 pm" to the carriers.

Deliveries normally occur between 8 am and 8 pm, but we are unable to request or guarantee a specific delivery time or window of time.

UPS sometimes uses Access Points if the customer isn't home for the first delivery and the driver feels that it's too risky to leave the package unattended.

If an Access Point isn't available in your area, UPS will leave a notice and attempt delivery on the next business day.

Packages delivered within the United States typically don't require signatures unless they exceed $500 in value or they are custom-made and of high value. 

If you have additional questions that we haven't answered here, please contact our customer service team at help


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