Goosehill Ambassador Scores Guide

What to Redeem

Points NeededPoints Redeeming Options 
5Monthly special offer for free accessoriesAnkle Leash (depends on countries)
20Redeem free, new accessoriesAccessories worth £/$15-20 (depending on what's in stock).
Now backpack and ankle leash can be redeemed.
20Discount on Amazon, £20 refundCan only be used for purchasing inflatable paddleboards (Can't get both discount and referring rewards for same order)
30T-shirt designed by Goosehill
45One SUP LessonNow only Valid in UK
50£/$ 40 OFF for ordering custom board or racing board on our website
100New, free accessoriesOne accessory worth £40-60(depending on stock)
350Electric Pump
550Sailor Inflatable SUP board
1000Custom SUP board based on our All-round Sailor model

1. Points are valid for 1 years and can be redeemed for G coins but NOT for cash directly.
2. 10 Points = 1 G Coin  
3. Accessories available to redeem are different from countries.
4. More options are coming out.

How to Earn Points

NumberPoint-earning TasksPointsRequirementsLimitation
1Subscribe to one of Goosehill's social media: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok.1To activate your ambassador identity
2Join Goosehill Facebook Group2Provide screenshotWill be set up soon!
3Like our page and recommend our facebook page1Provide screenshot
4Share posts to Facebook or Instagram1/2/5Once you share, you get 1 point;
Likes≥20, you get 2 points; Likes≥100, you get 5 points. 
(Only ONE post valid a day, please show Goosehill board and mention "Goosehill" & tag us )
1. Only ONE valid post a day in one platform
2. Score needs to include photos/videos and text
3. In the post, please mention "Goosehill" brand in your post and tag our official account
5Share posts to other active SUP facebook groups1/5Once you share, you get 1 point;
Likes≥100 or Comments ≥20, you get 5 points(self-comments NOT included) 
(Only ONE video valid a day, and please show Goosehill board and mention "Goosehill" & tag us )
4. Same content posted twice to one platform can only be scored once.
5. If you share same content to different social platforms, you will get the maximum points for one post with best result. For other platforms, you will get 1 point for each sharing. 
6Share interesting video to TIKTOK1/5Once you share, you get 1 point;
Likes ≥ 50, you get 5 points
(Only ONE video valid a day, and in the video, please show Goosehill board and mention "Goosehill" & tag us )
For example, if you post same content to FB/IG/TK/YB, you get 40 likes on Tiktok, then you get 5 points for it, and 3 points for sharing same content to FB/IG/YB, 8 points in total. And for each channel, only one post valid a day.
7Share 3~5 minute video to Youtube10Post = 1 point;
Views ≥50, you get 10 points
(Only ONE video valid a day, and in the video, please show Goosehill board and mention "Goosehill" & tag us )
8Birthday reward5
9Be active in Goosehill FB group: at least 7 posts within a month, and interact with group members actively1/10When you do posts less than 7, you get 1 point;
At least 7 posts about paddling experience in a month, you get 10 points.
Scored once a month at most
10Recommend friends/family to order boards from our website or Amazon5Provide order number. When referring friends or families to ordering our boards, ambassadors can get 100 G coins and 5 points
11Manage to recommend new ambassadors10The referred ambassadors need to activate their identity and the score reaches 10, which counts as a successful referring
12Shoot quality photos and share to your socials10Photos selected to be website banner or advertising material, pixel 2778 x 1284 or higher, 10 pieces as a set. Please contact more details if interested.Only one set and one video approved every week. This score includes two actions: shooting and sharing 
13Shoot high-quality video and share to your socials10Videos selected to be website banner or advertising material, pixel 1920X1080, 30-60 seconds to showcase our boards. Contact us before action to get detailed requirements.Only one set and one video approved every week. This score includes two actions: shooting and sharing 
14Write blog about your paddling stories related to Goosehill and be posted on our website7Write a blog with pictures and texts, real emotions, at least 300 words. One blog approved every week.
15Offer high-quality tutorial video25High-res video, resolution (1920*1080), articulate and easy to understand. Contact us before shootings to get detailed requirements.
16Represent Goosehill to hold some events like meet-up sessions, paddling game, environmental activity etc.30-501. At least 3 paddlers with Goosehill boards take part in this activity
2.Provide great photos and videos. Post on socials and tag Goosehillsup and participants.
3. Within one month, not more than TWO same activities can be scored
4.For extra points, when you engage one New Goosehill paddlers in next activities, you can get 5 points, 20 at most. Contact Goosehill for register and get our banner for event before action
1. Contact Goosehill for register and get our banner for event before action.
2. Please go to familiar tranquil waters. Every paddler is required to wear lifejacket. Safety is first and most important.
17We encourage our ambassadors to be creative about branding and to engage more actively in this process, we will add points accordingly when you come up with new ideas10-30We fully welcome other good ideas for brandingLet us know!

1. Please pay attention to requirements and limitations before you act.
2.If you are confused about any task, please contact us before you act. 
3. Please list tasks you finish in your personal file and attach sharing links or proof screenshot.
4. Goosehill reserves the right to interpret this program and Goosehill has the right to adjust it according to participation.
5.If you'd like to collaborate on other creative or charitable projects. Have an idea for a partnership, please contact us.

How to earn G coin

NumberHow to Earn G CoinsG Coin ( 10 G Coins = £/$ 1)Requirements
1Recommend friends/family to order (boards) from our website or Amazon100Order proof
2SUP repair100-500   Skills needed
3SUP training200Training Qualification. Pictures and videos of the training

1. G coins can't be converted into points, which can only be redeemed cash.
2. 10 points = 1 G coins. 10 G coins = 1 Pound / 1 Dollar. 100 Points = 1 Pound / 1 Dollar. All coversions are NOT reversed.
*3. G coins can be converted into cash after two months from the date of the order.   

Earn More

Ambassador GradePointsRewards
Goosehill Sailor1~699Individuals who join this program are our SAILOR! Accumulate your points and G coins for exciting rewards. Keep going!
Goosehill Commander700~1999Welcome to NEW GRADE! 10%OFF Discount, 1.1 x Points Multipliers, New Accessary Thanks for your loyalty!
Goosehill General>2000When COMMANDER upgrades to GENERAL, go get birthday gift, 1.1 x Points Multipliers, 15%OFF Discount, a new board. Your support is epic!

When you enter new grade, you get related rewards and cumulative scores wil be cleared.


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