SUP touring

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Common mistakes made by beginner paddle boarders


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Paddle Board Must Have Essential Accessories

SUP touring

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Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards in 2022

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What to look for a high performance SUP ?

You might be planning on using your board for a more demanding task, sharpening your skills, challenging yourself, and getting competitive with your paddling. There are a lot of reasons for wanting a board with higher performance and it’s normal.Here are a few things to look for when trying to pick a high-performance SUP board..

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How to Choose A SUP Paddle

A suitable SUP paddle can go a long way to improving your performance and enjoyment of the sport. 


How to Choose a SUP Touring Board

SUP touring is a great way to explore a new place. It’ll give you a whole new perspective about a city.


Some Tips About Paddleboard Inflation

When it comes to the life span of a paddleboard, the steps for paddleboard inflation are also important. If you can do the correct inflation, you will protect the paddle board to a great extent. Now the following questions will be answered.


SUP tips for Whitewater or River Surfing

Some people have started to choose to surf in rivers. To facilitate your progression on whitewater or river surfing, here are some notes that will help you better understand this particular type of surfing. Have a good session !

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yoga on paddle board

Paddle board yoga tends to get more challenging and fun. here are some SUP yoga beginner tips you should know.

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Here in this post we will show you one of the most basic part of SUP surfing: how to launch your SUP board in waves.

Sup skills and techniques

For SUP beginners ,the most important thing is learn SUP basic skills and techniques before you head out on water. 

improve sup experience

A lot of beginners who don’t know much about the sport. Here’s one aspect of the board known as rocker that you might neglect 

sup fishing

Nowadays paddle board fishing has become a trend. When see others leisurely in the paddle board fishing, are you eager to try ?

paddle board with dog

There are many tips that will help you teach your pup how to ride on the water in a safe, easy, and fun way. 


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