Scouting and Youth Services


From July 15th thru July 29th we had about 11 APO Brothers at the National Scout Jamboree working the Alpha Phi Omega information booth. It was a great event and we were able to meet about 3,000 to 3,500 Scouts and Scouters to let them know what Alpha Phi Omega can do for the Scouts. Whether it is helping with a Boy Scout Eagle Project or when a Scout goes off to college to encourage them to continue on with being a servant leader, like they have been working as in Scouting, by joining Alpha Phi Omega. By doing this hopefully this will aid in Brother Stratton’s and Brother Ottenad’s goal of 500 Chapters by 2025.

We had a great time and while we were there to provide service we were able to have a fair amount of fellowship and Brotherhood bonding. This bonding allowed the Alpha Phi Omega team at the Jamboree to grow close, even if we had not really known each other before the Jamboree.

In 4 years there will be another National Jamboree and I would encourage you to consider signing up and being part of the Alpha Phi Omega Jamboree team, when the time comes. I would be willing to bet that if you talk to any of the actives that were at the Jamboree they really enjoyed it. A couple of the events that the actives were able to do was a 3100 ft. zip line and several of them were able to go white water rafting among other events.

I would like to thank the Alpha Phi Omega National Jamboree team for a great experience, without your commitment to growing our Brotherhood we would not have been at the Jamboree. I would estimate that the service hours worked by the Brothers on the APO team are at a minimum of around 72 hours or more of service. By the way most of the Brothers on the Jamboree team came from our very own Region V. The Region V chapters that were represented in the APO Information Booth staff were the Zeta Lambda Chapter, the Alpha Zeta Rho Chapter, the Zeta Kappa Chapter, Lambda Omicron Chapter and the Alpha Gamma Phi Chapter. With that in mind I would like to thank all of the members of the Alpha Phi Omega National Jamboree Team: Thanks go to Alberto Post, Sam Snyder, Kendra Cutcher, Conner Bradford, Rachel Wehrman, Mandi Forsythe, John Russel, Kevin Baldwin, Brian Martin, and Dana McCorkle.

Our experience at the Jamboree really shows that the ties of Brotherhood that hold us together as Brothers are strong even if it is not at an Alpha Phi Omega event. That was especially seen with the 250+ Alumni and Active Brothers that checked in with us at the National Jamboree. It was neat to see Alumni and Active Brothers at the Jamboree come up and share stories about their time in APO with the Alpha Phi Omega staff as we were in the booth and walking around camp with our APO letters on. It shows the impact that Alpha Phi Omega has had on the Alumni Brothers.

I believe this is an experience that no one on our team is going to forget in the near future. Remember in four years (2021) there will be another National Jamboree and I would love to see a lot more Brothers sign up for a great experience of spreading the word about Alpha Phi Omega. Once again thank you for all of the service that you gave at the National Jamboree.


John “Jack” Hay
Region V Scouting and Youth Service Chair
2017 APO National Jamboree Information Booth Team Member